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The two teamed as embodiments of the American flag, Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy, in order to track down and stop the spies. When the Soldiers were lost in time during the late forties after battling the Nebula Man, they were rescued by the Justice League of America and returned to the present day.

Batman, Hourman and Starman retrieved Stripesy from ancient Egypt despite being tied up and trapped in a pyramid. Upon his return, Dugan married a woman named Maggie, who left him later to raise their son Michael on his own. Compounding his problems was the fact that Sylvester Pemberton's black sheep relative Arthur had stolen Dugan's patents during their disappearance.

Upon hearing about this, Sylvester returned the patents to Pat, and the two reconciled. Dugan was later involved with Infinity, Inc. The group's first victim is Sylvester Pemberton. The villains Harlequin, the Dummy, and Hazard focus their attention on Dugan just days later. Their plan was to kill him at Stellar Studios, the headquarters of Infinity, Inc. When Pat's son became involved, Hazard experienced a change of heart and used her powers to save their lives.

Dummy used the two as bait, but Hazard further threw the battle, and the group was defeated. Hazard willingly gave herself up to the police. The character has been updated for a new audience: In the Stars and S. His stepdaughter, Courtney Whitmore , became the second Star-Spangled Kid , partly in order to annoy him. This led Dugan to develop a robotic suit of power armor and assume the identity of S.

Dugan also has gone on missions without Courtney. Their goal was to retrieve the Spear of Destiny to use against the fallen angel Asmodel , who had led a demonic invasion of Earth.

The trio of heroes battle reanimated corpses of abandoned Russian cosmonauts and the corrupting influence of the Spear itself. Dugan is forced to subdue Starfire and the Spear is brought back to Earth and successfully used.

Following the events of the series, Dugan and his family moved to Metropolis , where he has assisted Superman 's comrade Steel. Since then, they have moved back to Blue Valley. Dugan and his wife had a daughter, Patricia, who will one day become Starwoman and continue the Starman legacy.

Patricia's existence was mentioned off-handedly in a Starman story arc before the character or even Courtney Whitmore were created. Like the rest of the Seven Soldiers, Dugan is younger than he should be, owing to time travel. For a time, Dugan would become even younger, aged to pre-adolescence with many other heroes due to Klarion the Witch Boy.

He joins in on at least one battle while armorless presumably because his armor is now too big , tackling a mystically created monster with his bare hands. Pat, along with most everyone affected, turns back to normal when Klarion is blackmailed into reversing the effects. He retooled one of Ted Knight's old designs and created the Steel Eagle, a new aircraft for the team.

He also completely re-enginerred S. Later, Pat and his family were almost slain by The Fourth Reich, a Nazi organization who tried to wipe out heroic legacies. Right before this, Pat was encouraging his son, Mike, not to create S. Pat and his family were saved by the Justice Society. In other media Television S. While the pair did not get much recognition in the first season, they made more notable, speaking appearances starting in season two.

In the first season, S. However, in the second season, the armor appeared to be a perfect size for Pat to fit in. In the episode, "Patriot Act", S. Also, Crimson Avenger is portrayed in his red trenchcoat instead of his red and yellow spandex. Pat is mentioned a few times by his daughter in the Smallville two-part film Absolute Justice. Courtney mentions her dad starting out as a sidekick to Star-Spangled Kid, then got powers of his own and began fighting crime as Stripsey which she considered as the stupidest codename ever.

Courtney admits that she herself began fighting crime to pester Pat but eventually came to love it after saving someone for the first time. See also.


Ragdoll Fighting - One Vs All

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