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You can level everything except Frost Bomb, levels dont matter here. Assassins Mark Only use the Curse on Hit setup, if you dont have a ring with it. Remove Enlighten and precision instead. This is really important if the league is fresh and quality gems are expensive. You can tweak them by adding mods or raising tiers of rolls check poeaffix. The prices are from the second month of bestiary league. You might have to change Standard league to the current league if it is a later league.

Some of my items have corruptions or enchants that are not necessary and cost several exalts. Just look at the poe. These are just examples, in the end you have to balance your resistances by yourself. The magic flasks are all easy to craft. Scourge Arrow doesnt necessarily need a Dying Sun.

At least one of the remaining flasks should be used for curse immunity to counter Temporal Chains in maps. Bleed is not needed, because of our bleed immunity Endless Hunger in your ascendancy. The low crit chance can be ignored, because of the new Overwhelm Ascendancy Node.

Im using a 5L bow for my Lightning arrow and the 6th socket for my Blood Rage. Just try to get one with the highest dmg you can afford at the moment. The low base crit gets negated by the ascendancy node. I bought these bows for 5c and 30c.

I 6-socketed them and 5-linked them on my own. If you cant afford a Hyrris start with a rare or a Tabula. Its cheap helps with getting life and has deeps. If you cant afford any of them just take one without enchant sometimes there are some cool ones at c.

If you have the budget you can also go for the Crown of the Tyrant to get some more extra cold damage for our stacking. It synergizes well with extra arrows from your Dying Sun or Quiver Corruption. If you want to go the basic way just use a rare quiver. If you cant afford the 2 socket variant take the 1 socket one. If you only have one prioritize the Murderous Eye jewel. The current league drops alot of temple items, which makes gloves with cold damage against chilled enemies alot more affordable.

In addition they offer alot of resists and if you are lucky you can also add some nice Veiled crafts. The best base might be an Agate Amulet.

Overall we need Int Infused Channeling and Str if you use damage on full life. If you need resist you can get it on your ring. There are enough items to get damage on. If you can afford it later on you can get a ring with an Opal Ring base. If possible its allways nice to craft flat cold damage on rings. Later on Mark of the Elder or Curse on hit ring add alot of mroe damage.

This league Blight i'm playing around with some alternatives like The Taming. Remember, that you can craft resist and weapon elemental damage on belts. If you can, get a added damage lab enchant or farm it by yourself. I guess you want to go for Lioneyes and Starkonjas, because they are really strong and not that easy to replace with rares.

A belly for example is really easy to replace by a rare chest with hp and res. It might also depends on your luck with rares and what uniques you loot. If you really want to you can also try to chance the Lioneye's Fall jewel but im not sure if its worth it. The other uniques are not that important or simply not chanceable like the flask.

Replace Herald of Ice. You only need max cold resists which shouldnt be too hard without your normal boots and with Purity of Ice. Depending on your budget just go down a tier or two with damage mods. Even a blue jewel is better than nothing. If you want some examples look at the jewel slots in my gear above or my PoB link i cant rly link them here Good mods:.